Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tuxedo Shirt and Jean Skirt

A picture of the tuxedo shirt, caught unexpected by a budding photographer (5 years old)

The white Tuxedo Shirt from Downeast Basics and the Jean Skirt is from Cato.. The Tuxedo shirt seems to run a bit on the small side, and the skirt a tad on the large side. Shoes from Cato as well. Brown Cap Tee from Coverwear.

Tuxedo Shirt 17.99

Coverwear Basic Tee 16.95

Jean Skirt 19.99

Shoes with ribbon ties 15.99

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Want this Skirt!

Well I saw this skirt on the Downeast Basics website and I WANT it.. It isn't for sale on the website, hopefully it is part of their spring collection and will be coming out. I just love poppies!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cute Modest Semi Dressy Outfit

Cute modest outfit for $50. Brown skirt from Cato 19.99, Nude Wonder T from Coverwear for 14.99 and Brown Sheer top from Dots for 14.99. Shoes don't count, they were more than the whole outfit.. YIKES! Can you see a trend here, my weaknesses jeans and shoes.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finding Jeans that Flatter

Great fit: nothing flatters like denim, but finding the right jeans can be a challenge. We've got you covered with tips on everything from what's hip to how to find your perfect pair

There's no better bottom than a blue one. And to prove our point, a Cotton Incorporated study concluded that the average woman has 17 denim items in her wardrobe and wears jeans at least four days a week. Unfortunately, this denim frenzy doesn't make it any easier to find your perfect pair. "Just because a certain cut is trendy doesn't mean it's going to fit your body type," says Hollywood stylist Kirsten Large. So we thought we'd save you some time in the dressing room, as well as some cash.

The Best Butt

Finding denim that does your derriere justice is key. "If you feel that your bottom is too big, always go for pants that have back pockets." suggests Steven Jolna, president of Bella Dahl Jeans. Other tricks to minimize? Pockets that tilt slightly inward are good, since they draw the eye toward the center. If you prefer your pants pocket-free. Megan O'Neill, senior designer at Jill Stuart jeans, suggests checking out the new designer denim lines that incorporate special decorative seams across the rear in V or crescent shapes.

However, if you're looking for jeans that will perk up a flat or small rear, pick pockets that sit higher and aren't too large. "Small butts should also steer clear of super-low waistbands because they make your rear look flat and very low," warns Jolna. "Plus, it doesn't matter how slim you are, when you sit down every woman gets a little bit of skin pooching over the top at the side when she wears super low-riders." To avoid excessive display of your Victoria's Secrets, look for jeans that are cut slightly higher in the back than in the front--you can tell this just by holding them up.

The amount of stretch in your jeans is important. "The most flattering jean has 1%-2% spandex in it because it just holds everything in," says Jolna. Some brands have up to 4%, which can have the opposite effect--they flatten everything, turning your butt from pert to pancake.

A Taut Tummy

With waistbands dipping farther down on jeans, knowing how low you should go is difficult. "The most flattering waistband on everyone is just on, or slightly below the hipbone," says Stefano Aldighieri, creative director for Seven for All Mankind Jeans. "On the runways right now you'll see some really high-waisted '80s-type denim, but they don't look good on anyone but supermodels." That's because a high waist cuts your torso in half and accentuates the natural belly curve, making you look heavier than you are. A lower waistband will show off all those crunches you've been doing.

When looking for flattering jeans, you should also consider what's on the front. There's a reason that the classic Levi's three-pocket look is still around--it looks good. If you're looking to conceal a thicker midsection or thighs, a couple of pockets do the trick by visually breaking up the lower torso and hip area.

A Leaner Leg

While we're not all born with supermodel legs, the right jeans make it easy to fake a little length. "For a leaner, longer look, the cuff of the jean should cover most of your heel," says Tim Kaeding, director of women's denim for Seven For All Mankind Jeans. That way, you have a solid line from your waist to your feet, Want other ways to streamline your legs? Pick a dark shade of denim--darker colors minimize any shape. If you're looking to downplay your thighs, pick a pair that's 100% cotton with a straight leg. "That way, the jeans just go straight down from the hip instead of hugging and accentuating bigger areas," says O'Neill. However, if you like your jeans with a little shape, pick a boot-cut leg with a small flare from the knee down. The wider ankle balances out a wider top half. "But steer clear of anything that's very flare-y because it looks too trendy and young," advises O'Neill.

Coming Clean! Once you finally find your ideal denims, take care of them so they'll last. Experts agree that jeans should be washed inside out in cool or warm water. If you stick them in the dryer (total jeanophiles let theirs air-dry), take them out while they're still a bit damp to minimize shrinkage. The spandex in stretch jeans causes them to shrink more, but after a few minutes of wear, they'll be perfect again!

Finding the Right Size

All jean sizes are not created equal. "Actually, finding your right size in jeans is trickier than other pants," says Jolna. That's because of the variety of cuts, as well as the different types of denim used. Dark jeans haven't gone through many chemical processes (think of your basic indigo Levi's), so they're more likely to shrink in the wash. If jeans are stonewashed or have gone through some chemical dye process (read: they look lived in), they'll pretty much stay true to size throughout washings.

The amount of stretch can also alter what size you take. "The general rule is that if jeans have some spandex in them you can go down a size, and if they have none you should go up a size," says Large. The zipper is another good indicator of whether you need to try on something else, If it's sticking up and not lying flat across your torso, the fabric is being stretched too tight--go out and get a bigger size. Also, if you try on your pants and there's a crease from the bottom of the zipper that runs out along both thighs, that means the blues are too tight. "If you get stretchy pants too tight, they don't look good because they'll flatten out your butt and cut into your waist," says Jolna.

When you're in the dressing room, sit down and see how low the pants ride at the back. If your butt is peeking out, they're too small. Also, make sure that the pockets lie flat when you're sitting. If they stick out, this specific cut of jean isn't right for your body type. Finally, squat down and make sure they're comfortable--after all, jeans are supposed to become your wardrobe staple.

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IT is just Heavenly

Heavenly Couture has great deals on jeans. They don't show you the brand, but they have good pictures and it gives you an idea of what you are buying.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Things to Think About When Buying Jeans

Things to consider when purchasing jeans:

To elongate your leg, the hem must reach the top of your shoe for a straight leg or cover your heel for a boot cut. Never hem away the natural worn edge of jeans if you need to shorten them.

The width of the leg style should compliment your thighs. A cigarette or drainpipe jean looks best on thin legs while boot cuts flatter larger thighs. Bell bottoms accentuate thighs. A pegged bottom visually stunts your proportion. Straight legs are the most universally flattering cut.

A jean with a more natural waist that hits right below your bellybutton is generally most becoming. Fashion may go dangerously low, but hiphuggers are reserved for those with flat tummies and no outpouring of flesh over the sides- go as low as you can go without creating a belly bulge.

Curvier figures do better with a bit of stretch to the denim and a wider, less defined waistband to glide over your womanly bumps.

Avoid Brokecrack Mountain and the wretched Camel Toe. Get jeans that neither slide down or ride up. Try wearing a belt to keep the jeans in place. Go for a longer rise, if the jeans yank up.

The wash of the denim should look as if it happened naturally by wear. Faux stone washed denim that is uniformly bleached out to mimic wear looks hokey. Fancy, novelty washes or denim finishes like the heinous acid wash, dirty wash, or laminated denim are fad items that only last a season or two, tops. Naturally worn indigo denim endures.

Thanks focus on style.

Monday, February 11, 2008


My latest purchase from ebay.. I usually find much better prices there than retail. Good place to shop if you are confident in your size. Jeans are Seven's , raspberry long sleeve tee is downeast basics and pink cap tee is coverwear. Nice comfy outfit.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My New Jeans

That is RIGHT! I am putting my rear-end out there for all the world to see. Mom of five kids, not wearing mom jeans. Jeans courtesy of Von Dutch and Orange Cap Tee from Coverwear and Blue Cashmere Hoodie from Wally World.. The clogs which are my fav. Dansko.. They are pricey, but last forever..

Monday, February 4, 2008


I got my layers clothing order on Sat. and I must say I really like the length for the girls and tweeners on their shirts. I ordered my 7 year old and 10 year old three a piece and they were super long, which is a bonus because we are super tall. I haven't tried them yet on me, but will shortly and give an update.

I Must Set the Example

I Must Set the Example
For these two young ladies (except for the shoe and jean addiction)