Friday, August 29, 2008

What Did I End Up Buying

$27.50! from Wet Seal.
I love the wide belt, the pencil skirt and the ruffle where the back slit would be.. I can wear so many different tops and shoes with this.. Classic and won't ever go out of style. A good investment for those who are frugal. This one will take you a long way.
Free Shipping Code to boot!

Shh don't tell my hubby I also got the sequined shirt posted below..

A Couple of Other Cuties to Add to your Collection


What fun tops and classic ones at that to add to your wardrobe. The sequined one is tops on my list right now. You could do so many things with it..

Some New Funky Faves from Go Jane,Heavenly Couture and Kohls

$17.95 (seriously that is dirt cheap for a wool coat)

Buy three for $15. Be sure to also get one in black and one in white as well.

$ 24.95

One dollar and ninety nine cents..
$4.00 (you read right, FOUR dollars)





With only the above basics I picked out , you could have almost a zillion different outfits. Which pairing of the above items is your favorite item?? If you stick with a palette of 3 bold colors, you can mix and match it all and can't go wrong. If you bought this bunch today, it would cost you 220 dollars and some change. If you think about it, that is cheap, especially all the outfits you could get out of it.

Another Giveaway Cheeky and Swank

Win It:
Cheeky and Swank is offering two Little Window Shoppe readers a chance to win! One lucky winner will win the perched t-shirt and another winner will receive a bib and burp cloth of your choice!
Simply visit Cheeky and Swank, leave a comment or send an email to letting us know what item is your favorite. Also be sure to mention whether you would prefer to win the t-shirt or a bib and burp cloth.
The winners will be chosen at random on Friday September 5th and will be announced here, so be sure to check back to see if you’re one of the two winners.

Be sure to tell The Little Window Shoppe where you came from..

Monday, August 25, 2008

You Know How I Love Origins! Free Shipping and Freebie to Choose!!

Get Nature's Best Skin Care FREE!8/22/08 - 9/3/08Shop Online and receive a FREE sample set with any order while supplies last, plus Free Standard Shipping.* Choose your set during checkout.

A Perfect World™ Sample Set(A value of $10.00)
Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins™ Sample Set(A value of $15.25)
Origins Organics™ Sample Set (A value of $12.00)
My favorite is A Perfect World! Go ahead order something and try out a new skin line.. You may find yourself in love with a new way to take care of your skin!!!
Now my problem is deciding what to order

Friday, August 22, 2008

You Like Funky I Do Too! Kitchen Essentials that Rock

22 Piece Rose Garden Cookware Set

Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer


Zebra Digital Slow Cooker
New $69.95

Jeweltone Bowls

What a fun place to browse from and even get ideas for my wishlist.

Win A Free Pair of Not Your Daughter's Jeans

Emily over at The Little Window Shoppe has a contest going now for a free pair of
You need to leave a comment on her blog about why you love your favorite pair of jeans. Winner will be chosen at random Sept. First 2008. Be Sure to check it out! I always say a woman can never have too many jeans.
You can also enter a second time directly at
TEN Winners are chosen weekly!

Free Sample of Positively Ageless™ Lifting & Firming Night Cream, plus a $1.50-off coupon

I was able to get a sneak preview of this night cream. It is wonderful, esp. for sensitive skin. I love Aveeno products. The picture will take you to the free sample page.. Enjoy!

other deal hunters, if you borrow this deal from here, please be sure to link it back here and credit original poster.. I would appreciate it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I was browsing through one of my many fashion mags and ran across
I went to the site and had a good laugh when I read their "mission statement" and saw the pics on the home page..
I don't know how many plummer pants, thong sightings or grandma's goodies I have seen.
More than I care to share or even be reminded of.

For those of you unfamiliar with what this product is, it is a band of t-shirt material that starts right around the belly button and goes to mid rear, making sure no one sees your stuff. Best of all, there are stores on both coasts that sells them. You can also order online.

Original white my hip t $19.99

There is also a contest to win a free hip T, if you enter be sure to tell them you came from

Back Away from the Mom Jeans

click on the bold words for direct links

Friday, August 15, 2008

Update on the Must Have Mock Dress

For those of you who love green. It now comes in Emerald!!

Also a very cute georgette top in the clearance section.. Put one of your favorite modest tees or camis under it! Think of all the different colors and looks you could get from one shirt..

Clearance for $14.99

Friday, August 8, 2008

Must Have Mock Wrap Dress

The one thing I love about mock wrap dresses, is that any body type can wear them. They flatter anyone, no matter the size. I found this dress by browsing though a random magazine that was sent to me. Most of the stuff, too immodest.
This dress however caught my eye.
It comes in four colors. shocking pink, royal blue, goldenrod and good old black. Also comes in tall, and regular.
The price you ask?
A good buy from Metrostyle at $39.99. An EVEN BETTER BUY, making it a steal...
.....drumroll please.....
a promo code for 40% off your favorite item.
Making the dress $23.99 with only 4.99 shipping for a grand total of $28.98.
I will be getting myself one in the royal blue. ( I also got shocking pink too)
and as usual things can sell out in a matter of minutes.

Monday, August 4, 2008

American Eagle Jeans on Sale with Free Shipping

Take an additional 30% off with this code to make it an even sweeter deal.!!!
They even have the choices of Long, Regular, Short and Extra Long (my personal favorite)
Don't forget if you don't act fast the deal could be sold out or gone in a flash!

What Body Part Do You Try to Hide?

Every woman has one feature or body part they really don't like..

Admit it, all the women you know whether they say it or not tries to hide or playup at one time or another a body part.

Is this a crime? No.

Do we have body issues? Yes.

Why is that?

Are we told to try to be perfect and the body is included?

Do we look at all those stick figures in the mags and say that is what we are all to look like? Where do our "issues" come from?

I have a laundry list of things I don't like, but the further I think about it I can cross them off my list..

1. Hips ( this should be off the list completely, I have had 5 children within 8 years no less)

2. Chest (always has been an issue, now with 2 unknown masses on my right one, the thought process has changed) I have another ultrasound this month.

3. Crooked Nose ( I earned this one back in high school. I got my nose splintered in Varsity Basketball and they pieced what they could back together)

4. Bad eyes since elementary school (not too many make it out of this life with perfect eyes, and nowadays glasses can be a statement)

5. Upper Arms ( Gotten bigger over the years, this is one I have yet to come to terms with)

There is my top five.

Four I have come to terms with and figure they make me unique.

Most of these issues I really can't change, like the bone structure of my hips.

Yes my husband thinks I am ridiculous. He wants to know why women are so hard on themselves.

Anyone with answers please step forward and share their wisdom with us.

However if we all looked like Barbie and Ken, boy things would be messed up.

Thanks heavens we are not alike.

Even my sisters and I look very different from each other.

How mundane life would be if we were all the same.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Want this Dress from Shabby Apple

Isn't this the cutest dress? It is called A Sunday Afternoon. It is navy blue and a cotton/silk blend.. It is a tad out of my price range at $110.00. So now here is hoping it goes on sale... (crossing fingers) I think my hubby might have an issue with one dress that costs that much. Perhaps I can work an extra shift to buy it...... Hmm.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Downeast Basics Early Fall Catalog is Out

I recieved mine in the mail.. I got to look through it this morning and found a bunch of fun tops and one particular skirt I really want.

Sugar and Spice tee for $19.99 in both the sage and raspberry

On the Fly Skirt for $26.99

Tuxedo Top in persian red and federal blue for $17.99 each

What Do You Want from the Fall Catalog?


I Must Set the Example

I Must Set the Example
For these two young ladies (except for the shoe and jean addiction)