Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Things to Think About When Buying Jeans

Things to consider when purchasing jeans:

To elongate your leg, the hem must reach the top of your shoe for a straight leg or cover your heel for a boot cut. Never hem away the natural worn edge of jeans if you need to shorten them.

The width of the leg style should compliment your thighs. A cigarette or drainpipe jean looks best on thin legs while boot cuts flatter larger thighs. Bell bottoms accentuate thighs. A pegged bottom visually stunts your proportion. Straight legs are the most universally flattering cut.

A jean with a more natural waist that hits right below your bellybutton is generally most becoming. Fashion may go dangerously low, but hiphuggers are reserved for those with flat tummies and no outpouring of flesh over the sides- go as low as you can go without creating a belly bulge.

Curvier figures do better with a bit of stretch to the denim and a wider, less defined waistband to glide over your womanly bumps.

Avoid Brokecrack Mountain and the wretched Camel Toe. Get jeans that neither slide down or ride up. Try wearing a belt to keep the jeans in place. Go for a longer rise, if the jeans yank up.

The wash of the denim should look as if it happened naturally by wear. Faux stone washed denim that is uniformly bleached out to mimic wear looks hokey. Fancy, novelty washes or denim finishes like the heinous acid wash, dirty wash, or laminated denim are fad items that only last a season or two, tops. Naturally worn indigo denim endures.

Thanks focus on style.

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