Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall's Must Have....

This autumn as I scour through the fashion magazines, one things stands out besides the skinny jeans (that only a select few can pull off) is the cardigan!!!

I started digging around in my closet to see how many I had.. To my horror I had a couple and in non basic colors and a couple in basic colors.. Don't get me wrong I LOVE the sky blue and hot pink ones I have, but it is always good to have your neutrals to match everything..

I am all about all diffrent types of cardigans, so I am giving examples of what to be on the lookout for. Long, short, bell sleeved, cashmere, polyester I love them all!

I have highlighted a few of my favs from (in order) DownEast Basics, Metrostyle and Newport News.

(click on the pic to take you to their website to look at further and for pricing)


Anonymous said...

This is such a cute blog! I love your fashion tips. Also LOVING the cardigans for fall!

cate said...

I love cardigans! And yes, only a few can pull off skinny jeans and I'm not one of the few.

designer jeans said...

10-4 on the skinny jeans. To be honest, I'm sort of looking forward to them going out of style so I can stop having to try to squeeze into them!


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I Must Set the Example
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