Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Looks Better with Jeans than A...????

A Trenchcoat! A Trenchcoat is a must in your basic wardrobe. You can get them in all different style and colors now, which is great for the obnoxious types like myself. They look great with jeans and flats, even over a nice evening dress, with a fun clutch and heels. I added some of my favorites, that are in a "reasonable price range".

Daisy Fuentes Paris Trench 39.00 comes in black and white


Jessica said...

Found your blog on the LDS women bloggers site. "Back away from the Mom Jeans" is so funny. I agree. Thanks for making me laugh.

tricki_nicki said...

You have such cute stuff listed here - great job!

The Little Window Shoppe said...

I love these trench coats!! Such great deals and so cute!


I Must Set the Example

I Must Set the Example
For these two young ladies (except for the shoe and jean addiction)