Friday, September 19, 2008

Here it is ! The New Haircut

It is a variation on three of the styles. Highlights going in tonight..

Please don't laugh at the last face pic, no makeup on.

Such an essential for a gal my age..



wonder woman said...

Ooh I LIKE it!! And I love your color, too. I miss that color on myself. That cut looks really great on you.

By the way, I always think of you when I see graphic tees. =D

Jennifer said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. I found you by searching for "skirt hem extender."

BTW, I love your new haircut. The pictures you posted earlier of suggested ones had the one I want. I am going to use the top one when I go get my hair done, so thanks for that.

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

Cute! I love this hair-cut. I have always wanted to cut mine like this, maybe now I'll have more courage to do it...hmmm.


I Must Set the Example

I Must Set the Example
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