Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Just Can Not Wrap My Brain Around These Shoes

We all know how I love shoes, but man some of the new styles out for fall are just plain icky!!! What do you think of this trend? I consider myself pretty open minded about shoes, but Yikes...

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wonder woman said...

Eew. Not a fan. I like some of the wedge style, but only the ones with a cork wedge. Which I feel like I can't wear in the winter, for some reason.

These styles that come up so high, or go around your ankle--I think they look best with shorter skirts/dresses so it doesn't cut off your legs. Which of course I don't wear. And I'm not quite 5'1", so I can NOT get away with shoes that cut off my ankles. I supposed they'd work with pants, but only wide styles or skinny styles.

And they are SO HIGH. Scary. These are the kind of shoes I think of Carrie (SATC) wearing, but I don't know how anyone could walk more than 12 feet in them, let alone walk around NYC!!


I Must Set the Example

I Must Set the Example
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