Thursday, February 19, 2009

Favorite Body Lotion!! C. Booth 4-in-1 Multi-Action Body Lotion, Lemon Sugar

I just love this lotion!
It smells so yummy, yet fresh and clean.
I bought me a bottle of it over a year ago, use it almost nightly and still have half of it left.
So in my mind this is a bargain!
$9.99 for 32 ounces of lotion.
The ingredients are the following.

A potent combo of alpha hydroxy acids works tirelessly to ditch dead skin cells and even out skin tones so even sun-damaged areas look healthy and happy.
Sweet almond, apricot kernel and shea butter oils work in perfect harmony to hydrate needy skin.
Vitamins and minerals perform like superheroes, valiantly fighting off the dastardly deeds of the harsh environmental forces that threaten our skin.
Caffeine firms and tones less-than-taut skin, making it feel youthful, revitalized and wide awake.

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