Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Self Tanner Fav!! Also Tips for Applying a Great Tan!

I am a firm believer in self tanner! I am very, very, very pale. Think Nicole Kidman pale. I am pretty diligent of putting sunscreen on to ward off skin cancer (hopefully). I have tried every self tanner out there and this was the best by far! It doesn't streak, it doesn't smell and it leaves a natural color.. It also dries FAST.. It is $17.50. A little spendy , but in my opinion worth it..

Self Tanning Secrets from Origins

Self-tan insider secrets.
*Rather than applying one heavy layer, apply two thin layers over two days.

*Tanning the neck can be tricky. Lift your chin and rub a dime-size amount in. Keep your chin raise for about 5 minutes to prevent creasing.

*Don't forget to wear sunscreen. Self-tanner won't protect you from sunburn, cancer or wrinkles.

*To tone down streaks, use a cotton ball soaked in toner.

*Missed a spot? Apply self-tanner to pale spot and wait for it to dry. Then apply another thin layer to the surrounding area.

*Orange palms? Scrub with soap and water and exfoliate if necessary. Or wash your hair. The detergents in shampoos can help fade color on palms.

*Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Nothing will prolong your self-tan better.

All it takes to look golden is a little Glow-how.

1. In the shower, cleanse, shave your legs, and exfoliate your body to ensure even application.

2. Dry yourself completely. Self-tanner will not adhere to moisture.
3. Wait for your body temperature to return to normal.
4. Wear snug-fitting surgical gloves to apply self-tanner. Nothing says "phony" like deep brown palms.
5. Apply a small amount of body moisturizer to knees elbows, heels and knuckles on toes and fingers.
6. Apply in small, circular strokes, carefully covering every inch of you. Start with larger areas, such as thighs, buttocks and torso. Be careful not to miss any spots. Add more as necessary.
7. Joints react more strongly to self-tanner. To avoid dark creases, be sure your joints are bent when applying self tanner. Straighten them out while they dry.
8. Rub it in. When you see no shine on your skin, all of the self tanner has been absorbed.
9. Let your body dry. Lounge around in loose-fitting, dark colored clothing. If you self-tan in the evening, give yourself a few hours before going to bed. If you perspire during sleep, you may cause your tan to streak.
10. Avoid sitting on the good furniture.

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