Friday, August 8, 2008

Must Have Mock Wrap Dress

The one thing I love about mock wrap dresses, is that any body type can wear them. They flatter anyone, no matter the size. I found this dress by browsing though a random magazine that was sent to me. Most of the stuff, too immodest.
This dress however caught my eye.
It comes in four colors. shocking pink, royal blue, goldenrod and good old black. Also comes in tall, and regular.
The price you ask?
A good buy from Metrostyle at $39.99. An EVEN BETTER BUY, making it a steal...
.....drumroll please.....
a promo code for 40% off your favorite item.
Making the dress $23.99 with only 4.99 shipping for a grand total of $28.98.
I will be getting myself one in the royal blue. ( I also got shocking pink too)
and as usual things can sell out in a matter of minutes.


Rogers said...

I am totally interested in getting the promo code. I LOVE this dress!! So cute!! And the price??? Holy Cow!!! Send it, please!!!

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

I love wrap dresses...I don't own one, but I should. They are unbelievably flattering and are so cute. This one is such a great deal too!

Dirty Fingernails said...

such a deal, I am contemplating the shocking pink one as well..


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