Friday, August 29, 2008

Some New Funky Faves from Go Jane,Heavenly Couture and Kohls

$17.95 (seriously that is dirt cheap for a wool coat)

Buy three for $15. Be sure to also get one in black and one in white as well.

$ 24.95

One dollar and ninety nine cents..
$4.00 (you read right, FOUR dollars)





With only the above basics I picked out , you could have almost a zillion different outfits. Which pairing of the above items is your favorite item?? If you stick with a palette of 3 bold colors, you can mix and match it all and can't go wrong. If you bought this bunch today, it would cost you 220 dollars and some change. If you think about it, that is cheap, especially all the outfits you could get out of it.

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wonder woman said...

I would have to pick the black pencil skirt with the ruffle from wet seal, and the ruffled star shirt pictured below with the vest. And the red zebra earrings, red pumps (though they are WAY too hott to be called pumps!) and the $4 sunglasses. The sunglasses are SO much cuter when I know they're only $4! My current sunglasses are a deep pink and cost me $5.

Love all these good deals! I have a black pencil skirt that I'm trying to add a lace ruffle to where the slit is. Trying being the key word. =D


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I Must Set the Example
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