Monday, August 4, 2008

What Body Part Do You Try to Hide?

Every woman has one feature or body part they really don't like..

Admit it, all the women you know whether they say it or not tries to hide or playup at one time or another a body part.

Is this a crime? No.

Do we have body issues? Yes.

Why is that?

Are we told to try to be perfect and the body is included?

Do we look at all those stick figures in the mags and say that is what we are all to look like? Where do our "issues" come from?

I have a laundry list of things I don't like, but the further I think about it I can cross them off my list..

1. Hips ( this should be off the list completely, I have had 5 children within 8 years no less)

2. Chest (always has been an issue, now with 2 unknown masses on my right one, the thought process has changed) I have another ultrasound this month.

3. Crooked Nose ( I earned this one back in high school. I got my nose splintered in Varsity Basketball and they pieced what they could back together)

4. Bad eyes since elementary school (not too many make it out of this life with perfect eyes, and nowadays glasses can be a statement)

5. Upper Arms ( Gotten bigger over the years, this is one I have yet to come to terms with)

There is my top five.

Four I have come to terms with and figure they make me unique.

Most of these issues I really can't change, like the bone structure of my hips.

Yes my husband thinks I am ridiculous. He wants to know why women are so hard on themselves.

Anyone with answers please step forward and share their wisdom with us.

However if we all looked like Barbie and Ken, boy things would be messed up.

Thanks heavens we are not alike.

Even my sisters and I look very different from each other.

How mundane life would be if we were all the same.


alyssa said...

I wish I knew why women are so hard on themselves. I think I covet other people's bodies more than I am hard on myself. My issue has always been my waist, which has changed since having kids. But it seems that most women even have a small chest and small waistline, or larger chest and larger waistline. Very few have the Angelina Jolie "best of both worlds," unless they are skinny naturally and nursing. :o)

I also have hip issues, but more the fact that I don't have them. Or didn't. I'm getting some since kids. I like that I now have some curves there. I think "hippy" women are great.

And my thoughts are with you for your ultrasound.

alyssa said...

oh and I like your new background!

Dirty Fingernails said...

thanks... I am a rocker at heart and this background really grabbed my attention.. I need to adjust the title pic, but will get to it eventually..


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I Must Set the Example
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